Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have a new phrase for you

I don't know about you, but I am amazed at how ridiculous we can all be from time to time over NOTHING!! No, I don't really mean nothing, as in no thing, or non-existant or something like that but more like "in the scheme of things". Are you following me here?

OK, remember when things like:

Oh NO, what am I gonna wear now that he asked me out!!! (1/2 hr ago it was.......IF he would ask & who cared what I wore!)

Oh, my goodness, she cut my hair waaaaayyyyy too short this appt!!! (WHAT! like it was never gonna grow again?)

NO WAY! Do you know how long it took me to grow that nail and NOW it just broke! (what about the other NINE)

and then the ridiculous.............

I know but what IF I lose my job five years from now (are you CRAZY, if you've GOT a job next WEEK you're aces in this market!)

and, believe it or not................

someone I know has been searching for THE best pre-school private academy (in another state) which is going to run approximately $8,000 and YES, I did say THOUSAND to assure acceptance to THE best PRE-K program in the next year! After all, the mother exclaims to the horror she notes in my voice..............it's ALL important to insure acceptance to THE best Kindergarten program! (did you ever hear of the fact that there are children in this very country that can't even GO to school?)

Probably the worst and most often used first by the young child and then, if not nipped in the bud, continues to adulthood......

"I'M JUST GONNA DIE IF............." (I don't thiinnkkk so, in reality!)

They sound kind of silly when we see them in writing, don't they, but you know what?.................I think seeing these and other things that each of us has in our own repertorie on what is SO important to us, needs to take on the all-importance of the people in our lives and life itself so..................in light of last month's miracle plane crash..............

here is my new and amazing phrase for "He (or she) needs a reality check" and mark my words, you'll ALL be using this........

"He (or she) needs a moment on the Hudson!!!!

Does that phrase not snap you out of yourself or what!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hmmm Global Warming you say......

Call me crazy but didn't I tell you that we moved to North Carolina??  Yeh, I thought so, but check this out.............when I opened the blind in the bathroom this morning, here's what I was
looking at!!!           S N O W !!!   2" of beautiful white fluffy stuff sitting in an atmosphere of 20 degrees.  How cool.....literally!  I checked it out on the weather channel and it's all Canada's fault.  They sent it straight down the coast to us.  I liked it, hats off to you Canada!

Oh, but can I tell you how thrilled all the school kids were when before dawn it was announced that all schools would be closed for the day.  Amazing as it sounds, it's true, and there was no snow on the roads or driveways in my area either.  What in the world would a North Carolinian do if they got transported  to Central New York.   Yikes!!

See the little footprints in the snow?   I think that little 'creature on the right' made them.  It dawned on me as I watched my Happy Snowman flag that states across the top I Love Winter that I'll bet you little kitty is always out there and who would know........except for when it snows and we can see his footprints.  I figure that he'll not be found out, so to speak, for another couple of years when it snows here again.

It was really enjoyable to see the whole area gently blanketed with the fluffy stuff and know that it'll be 60 degrees by day after tomorrow.     So much for global warming huh?   ha ha ha

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Sneaky Schnauzer Story!

Awhhhh! doesn't she look so soft and sweet and innocent though?
I don't know..........but it's amazing to think you can trust your family dog and then find out that she's on your computer when you're not home.................what is this world coming to!!!! Here's what I found when I got home from the grocery store the other day:

Hi Mommy & Daddy,

Whew!!! they keep me so busy here that a girl can hardly rest SO I figured I'd better send you this picture. I do have a job here (even though it IS self-imposed)....I have got to keep an eye on all the birds and make sure that they're all eating their food. Boy, I can tell you, they EAT!! Truthfully, it's a bit discouraging to realize that I, their very own granddog, doesn't eat as much as these birds. I did see my first ever Baltimore Oriole (male) yesterday.  I could "give a bird's beak"..........let me at 'em and I'll show you how he'll sing!!!  Don't tell gramma but you know what..............I think she was more excited about him than watching the Inauguration. ha ha ha

Oh, one more thing mommy and daddy..........if you ever hear gramma OR grampa tell you how nice some guy named Larry is..............it is NOT true. I don't know what they see in that man, but I tell you, I can't stand him. I tell him that the whole time he's here too!! Gramma stayed with me upstairs this morning and I was glad. Well........not exactly.........I would have been REAL glad if they let me in the living room so I could keep yelling at him until he left. I overheard that he's coming tomorrow at 8:30 AGAIN ..........So what if the fireplace looks more beautiful now............he's a creep. He told me today that "it's ok Lilly, you're just doin' your job"...............nice try buster I said to myself........it won't work......I still don't like you. Gramma put me on my back (you know.......like you do sometimes) well, it did not make me feel any better.

Sorrry!!! sorrry!!!!
Little Lady Lilly xoxo

THEN, the very next day............

Hi, it's me Lilly:)

Are you still missing me? I sure hope so, cuz I can't smell you from here and I don't like that....lic..lic lic....How is Florida?     It's beautiful here today and ya' know what?
Gramma took me with her to get Grampa and guess where I pooped? You guessed ,didn't you.....right in the common area in our Village. They took me for a walk (so I could pick up my P-mail) up to that square with the park thingy in the middle.......you know the place I mean?? Sometimes we go over there when we're coming back from the Village and we've gone up those big stairs that I climb.

Well, everything WAS going just fine until we got to the edge of the little park and you won't believe it but there were THREE Border Collies playing Frisbee with their lady owner and before I knew it, two of them were trying to sniff my butt. YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE THAT!!!!!
Gramma was holding my leash and we stood real still because she was certain that the lady was going to call them back to her. That lady didn't even call them over to her or anything and so...................you guessed it again.........I simply HAD to yell like crazy at them but don't worry mommy......
......I wasn't the only one yelling....Grampa yelled really loud at the lady and told her to get her dogs away from me..........Gramma just turned around and walked us the other way. I think Grampa saved me but it was questionable for a minute there.

I think Gramma is still trying to figure out why I just HAD to yell so loud at those dogs but I figured I'd better tell you myself .......oh and just in case she happens to mention it to you........Sorrry, sorry mommy! I'll never try....oops I mean I'll try never to do that again.

We're at our happy house again and we're gonna watch a video early cuz Grampa's got to get up before 4 AM..............boy, I sure hope he doesn't bother Gramma and I though. I need a good rest from having to yell at those creepy dogs, PLUS that Larry guy again.  WHEW!

hugs and loves,
Little Lady Lilly

Well, at least this story has a happy ending:

Yeah Mommy......I made it. Larry is holding me just before he finished his work at G & G's. I really don't know what he was thinking of all those other times I yelled at him so much...............all he had to do is TELL me that he had a T R E A T!!!! for me and I would've been his friend. Anyway, now he's my friend!

Little Lady Lilly

Oh, and by the way............how does that little 9 pound dog know how to change the colors of the type?  THAT'S just not right!  If she can do this, what could her 100 pound 'cousin' do if she was to visit?  Amazing!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dreams can come true.......maybe!

It all began with my daughter asking the always fun statement she makes in November when she blasts out the email to her family asking for their Christmas lists.  In recent years I find it amazingly enjoyable to " Walter Mitty" about fun things.  In case you're not familiar ----

Walter Mitty is a fictional character in James Thurber's short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", first published in The New Yorker on March 181939, and in book form in My World— and Welcome to It in 1942. It was made into a film in 1947.

Mitty is a meek, mild man with a vivid fantasy life

SO......here's my newest one........

You know, I've been thinking about this new Kindle thing and for some unknown reason it just sounds like we all should have one.  My family keeps laughing at me saying, oh sure, it's JUST what you should have...........you can go to the library and for free!!! take out a book.  I know that and yet, just think about it for a minute:

  • You have to drive to the library and back to pick up what you want so kindle saves gas!

  • You can read the newspaper without sneezing so kindle saves on tissues!

  • You won't have the papers laying around in a pile somewhere so kindle saves on clutter!

  • You'll not have to buy paper books so kindle saves trees and you KNOW I love trees!

  • Just think.......nobody has coughed or worse on the book you're holding

  • It holds about a gazillion and a half books so no problem choosing which one to read and maybe the 'bestest' reason:

  • It only comes in one color so I wouldn't have to agonize over which color to pick!
It just dawned on me..................

Is there a franchise for this product???  No really, because I think I should SELL it!  Do you think they give employee discounts?  

Sure hope so because I may not get this kindle thing  AND a 60" tv ........do you think???

Just in case Santa's not on my Walter Mitty wavelength I may default to a couple of Pampered Chef spatulas (in colors if possible)  These are terrific and a pair of navy blue sweatpants and a zip up sweatshirt.

 It is amazing how I can dream....while visions of sugarplums dance in her head...

As a little sidenote I will say that if I could I would truly buy two kindles: one, for my sister who as I told you reads more books in a month than others read in a year and also one for my friend Sue who reads 5 books at a time and travels all over the world, all the time!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Autumn Bed Update!

Just a quick little update on my Autumn bed..............it was almost cold enough to force me out of the outdoor bed idea this morning.

It was only 24 degrees but don't worry........it'll warm up here really soon.  We're experiencing a 'little thing' this week that has made our temps about 20 degrees cooler than normal.  I suppose that made it cold enough to snow now didn't it, or did I just dream that happened?

OH, and by the way.......just in case you were interested in the background of my bed in the woods.......

Hard as it was to believe I was actually seeing something that I've only dreamed of finding someday, there it was, right in the middle of this beautiful park.   THEN I saw the photographer and so I simply HAD to ask him what was up with it.  

 He had been hired by a bedroom furniture designer who lives in the area to photograph her designs for_____ magazine.   Apparently he'd have to kill me if he told me which one.

Wouldn't it just be too funny if he comes back to take some more pictures and he finds me sleeping in it?  My family wouldn't be too surprised but boy, that photographer would be if he saw me at wake up time!
THAT would be amazing alright!! or should I say, downright scary?             

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Church of the Amazing Ladies Room!!

How about that for a title huh? 

I believe I've mentioned it before, but just in case you didn't hear me.............things cease to amaze me no matter where I go, and I happen to be talking about a 'literal translation' in this instance, just in case you have The Message or something!

The worship service was wonderful.  You would have thought Michael W. Smith himself was up there and he brought his 'peeps' with him.  The pastor gave us a message that was excellent and made us really think if you know what I mean.  

Now, all of that still couldn't change the fact that when the last amen was spoken, I was in my mind, charting my course to the ladies room, and yes, I was going there before we drove home, thank you very much Mr. Barista!Ok, ok, I won't be long.

I casually fast-walked to the ladies room and just before I hurried in, caught a glimpse of this V E R Y pregnant lady and decide that I really should hold the door for her and she should go first. Her urgency to get to the bathroom is certainly greater than mine I deduct in my thinking and yet.. talk about a gracious lady......she insisted I go first. The stalls (what an uncouth word for such a feminine place) were all-but-one occupied and even though she insisted I go first, I absolutely could not go ahead of her.  Now there were two other women waiting and here I go again with the"you first, no, you first, no really, you" dialog......wow, these people are amazing for certain!!!  They each insisted that I take the empty 'place' so finally, I did.

Well! I open the door and I cannot believe my eyes!!!!!  The toilet looked just like all the others I've seen behind the closed door but ..........it was tiny.   No I REALLY mean tiny.......... and 

                                    It was about 12" off the floor! 


oh, and did I say 12" at the most!!!!!  Well, I'm telling you, these strong leg muscles are not for nothing girls!!!

Yes, I did go and yes, they were all smiling big 'ole smiles at me and then I smiled back and told them that it really pays to be agile in these special places.....

..and NO, I didn't 

 sprinkle on the seat either!!!

Obviously, this church caters to the children which is very nice, even at a newbee's expense.

Maybe my code name for this place should be The Church of the Tiny Toilet.  

You're laughing but when I asked my newfound friend several months ago where she and her husband attend, she told me straight-faced I might add, that most of the time they attend services at:
                                    The Church of the Holy Mattress!!! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

THIS has got MY name all over it!!

Just on the heels of yesterday's posting to you, I may have found THE solution for me until it snows. 

Again, today, my eyes took in some of the most incredible colors and scenery around.  PLUS on top of the beauty is the fact that we traveled less than 5 miles from our house to see all this and had a great walk together at the same time! 

Here are just a few pictures we took to try 

 to capture the spectacular 

 sites we saw with our eyes!!!

but the next picture takes the prize for me..... and you can only imagine how excited I was when I came upon this 'site' as we walked...............

THIS  is MY idea of going green and if there is a sign up sheet...........I'm THERE!!!!!!

can you read the initials VLS on the bedpost?